Foundations and Drainage

Drainage Preparation and Foundation Installation in Guildford and Godalming

Two essential aspects of groundworks which we frequently carry out are foundation installation and drainage services. These components provide strength and protection to buildings, ensuring construction in Godalming, Guildford and the surrounding areas is safe and effective. It is important to hire professional groundworks contractors, such as us, to guarantee reliable and durable results.

When undertaking domestic, commercial or industrial projects, we assess individual requirements, making sure we provide the most suitable and efficient solutions. Forming part of the initial stages of construction, we understand the significance of proper foundations and drainage, consistently delivering high-quality work.

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After any necessary demolition and site clearance, we begin preparing sub-surfaces. Foundations provide the strength of a building, transferring the load of structures to layers of soil or rock which have sufficient bearing capacity. Poorly constructed foundations pose a serious risk, so it is vital for them to meet all relevant controls and regulations.

Experienced in foundation installation, F.E.M Groundworks Ltd ensures every project in Godalming and Guildford meets legal requirements.

There are a range of foundation types, each suitable for different applications. As professional groundworks contractors, we assess each project and provide the most appropriate solutions. Broadly, foundations can be categorised as:


Foundations are placed near the surface to transfer loads by end bearing. Types of shallow foundation installations include strip, trench fill, pad and raft.


Necessary where surface soils have insufficient bearing capacity. We lay foundations at a greater depth, transferring loads to deeper layers. Types include piles, caissons and ground anchors.

When laying foundations, it is important to make sure they match approved plans, or customers risk delays and additional costs to redo the work.

No matter the needs of your project, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, dependable services.


Proper drainage preparation is essential to preventing water damage, and ensuring properties in Godalming, Guildford and the nearby areas are effective. It is necessary to get drainage right during groundworks because fixing pipework post-construction is tricky and expensive.

The first step is to determine the position of existing drains and, if working on new builds, we work out the most suitable method for connecting new pipes to the main system.

Our specialist drainage preparation services involve digging trenches to correct depths and widths, as well as providing the right gradients for the type of pipes being used. Different materials affect drainage flows, so proper preparation is vital for an effective system.

Offering a range of services, our drainage skills extend to the construction of new driveways, ensuring they comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage System requirements.

Whatever the project, F.E.M Groundworks Ltd deliver efficient drainage solutions and foundation installations.

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