All Aspects of Groundworks in Guildford and Godalming

Groundworks are an essential part of any construction project, so it is important for them to be carried out by professionals. Our groundworks contractors ensure each project in Godalming and Guildford has a durable, firm foundation for further work, as well as making sure visible aspects have an attractive, high-quality finish.

Undertaking all aspects of groundworks, from demolition to hard landscaping, we are the only company you need, no matter the size of your project.

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What Does Groundworks Involve?

As a relatively broad term, it can be difficult to understand exactly what services groundworks contractors provide. Some companies don’t offer every service that falls under the definition, but F.E.M Groundworks Ltd has the experience to deliver every aspect of our trade.

A vital stage to any construction project in the Godalming and Guildford areas, groundworks involves preparing sub-surfaces for construction. This includes:

Demolishing Existing Structures

Professional demolition of structures and buildings, followed by removal of waste materials, ensures enough space for construction.


Inspecting the site helps identify its stability and any potential problems. The data we accumulate is used to draw up effective designs.


Ideal for strip foundations and buried services. The most suitable technique and equipment for trench excavations depends on a number of factors, including ground conditions, location and any obstructions.

Site Clearance

Clearing topsoil creates a level surface for construction, especially important on sloping sites. We also remove any waste from site, including undergrowth.


Including damp-proof membranes, excavations and foundations, substructures help transfer the load of buildings.

Ground Stabilisation

Soil nails, ground anchors and geosynthetic materials are all methods of ground stabilisation which ensure a secure base for construction.

Drainage Preparation

Proper drainage preparation is essential to making sure drains work effectively, requiring minimal maintenance in the future. One way we do this is by ensuring trenches have a suitable gradient for the type of drains being installed.

Offering either individual services, or management of the entire groundworks phase, we provide expert solutions to all types of customer, approaching every job with efficiency, professionalism and reliability. Our services ensure construction work inGodalming and Guildford has the best possible foundation, helping further work meet the highest standards.

Groundworks also includes hard landscaping services, which we undertake once construction is complete, or as separate projects. Our groundworks contractors are adept at installing attractive and functional driveways, patios and paving in a number of different materials.

Whatever services you need, it is important that all work meets Building Regulations to guarantee the safety of workers and those who will use buildings after construction. With F.E.M Groundworks Ltd, customers have complete peace of mind.

For more information about our professional groundworks services in Godalming and Guildford, call 07870 280218.